Everything You Need To Know About Montenegro


Montenegro can be defined as harboring a fabulous Adriatic coast, pristine lakes and rugged terrain, Housed on the Balkan peninsula in Southeastern Europe, it is a beautiful country that borders Albania, Croatia, Kosovo, Serbia, and Bosnia. Tourism is Montenegro’s mainstay, offering warm hospitality, wonderful traditions and fantastic places to explore.

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You are on the road and ready to explore the many wonders of Montenegro. There are so many wonderful places to visit in Montenegro it’s hard to mention them all. For example, Kotor is a “must see” located in the bay of Boka. Kotor has a rich history of legends and stories, all worth checking out. This marvelous city was formed between the 12th and 15th centuries and is surrounded by protective walls that end at the fortress of Saint Ivan, which is absolutely breathtaking. The city is also home to stunning medieval architecture and monuments that are worth the time to explore and soak in the history.


Moving on to Budva, known for its fantastic beaches and Durmitor National Park. Beaches are plentiful and include Budva, Sveti, Stefan, Jaz, Trateno, Fine Sand, Becici, and Mogren. The national park offers many activities including rafting, skiing, mountain climbing, camping, and fishing. You won’t be bored in Budva, but be sure and bring suntan lotion and lots of energy.

Minutes from Budva is Sveti, known for its A-list vacation destination of many of the rich and famous including Queen Elizabeth and Sophia Loren. This charming village offers calming views of the sea, cobblestoned lanes, and unique courtyards. The island is linked to the mainland via a trail, which is harbored by two sandy beaches and a spectacular park.


Travel on to Perast and you will enjoy a quaint town featuring remarkable architecture, including Our Lady of the Rock Church located in Perast on Boka Bay island. The island was created by sailors who sank their ships on their final journey and used other lake material, skillfully crafting this glorious site. Perast is also home to many great seafood restaurants.


You can’t pass by Skadar Scadar/Scutari Lake without stopping to take in this region that is teeming with natural beauty. Visitors are captivated by its lake and the sea, and there is a myriad of water and land sports to partake in. Many enjoy driving through the Sozina tunnel on their way to the lake, where quality time can be spent wandering through Montenegrin Park (declared a National Park in 1983).

As mentioned, these are just a few well-worth places to see in Montenegro and should be on every traveler’s vacation bucket list. Montenegro is a destination that should not be missed and Auto Travel Company is a traveler’s place to go for superior services.


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