$1 Million Unopened Sports Card Packs Found In Aunt’s Attic

 Unopened Sports Card Packs

The greatest collection of unopened collectibles in baseball card history was recently found in a 90-year-old aunt’s Tennessee attic.

Her husband, the late uncle of the current seller, owned a confectionary company that made card sets based on popular 1960s TV shows. The old sports cards had been bought for research and development.  One box alone, containing 19 packs of 1948 Bowman baseball cards, is likely to fetch $500,000 in the Mile High Card Company auction closing on June 15th. It’s up to $173,955.

The rest of the collection is not exactly dust, either. Indeed, the lesser but ultra-rare baseball, football, and basketball cards are probably worth $500,000 in their own right.

All the boxes are full or almost full of packs in at least near mint condition. Each “key card” represents the most expensive, recent eBay sale. The dollar figure is Mile High’s current auction price at the time of this posting.

Perhaps the only items more exciting than the cards inside the packs are the wrappers and boxes themselves. The full color, vibrant wrappers and boxes scream “buy me!” to today’s well-heeled collectors in their mansions as much as they did to boys and girls 55 years ago in candy stores.

Unopened Sports Card Packs

Unopened Sports Card Packs

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