10 Apple iOS 10 Hidden Features That Might Surprise You 

6. Define Replaced by Look Up:

Facts About Apple iOS 10
With iOS 10, however, Define has become “Look Up” and instead of seeing just the definition, you are now presented with various searches across the App Store, Apple Music, websites or Wikipedia.

7. Share Notes Together:

Facts About Apple iOS 10
Now you can easily share your notes with your friends and co-workers.

8. Take a Picture While Listening to Music:

Now you can listen to music and take a picture at the same time with the new theme.

9. Clear All Notification Cross:

Now you can clear all notifications at once!

10. Car Parked Message:

If you have a car equipped with CarPlay or a more standard Bluetooth system, you’ll notice as an alert on your iPhone as you turn off and exit your car. The Parked Car alert will plot in Apple Maps where your car is.

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