10 Cheapest Places To Travel This Summer



The world is packed with conveniently-priced travel destinations. However, just because you’ve landed the cheapest price for flights, it doesn’t mean that the city you’ve decided upon is cheap. In high-season, everything seems expensive. The best thing that you can do is book a complete package in advance; likes 5-6 months in advance. Here are 10 of the world’s cheapest travel places where you can enjoy the best holiday of your life.

  1. Thailand

Thailand is incredibly popular among backpackers. It has a rich culture, idyllic islands, tantalizing cuisine, and lots of thrilling activities you can try out. Prices are extremely convenient, although if you travel from the US or Europe, you might want to reserve your ticket well in advance. Bangkok is the city you want to explore. It packs a vibrant nightlife and pretty affordable accommodation facilities.

South Africa

  1. South Africa

South Africa is famous for its safari experiences, beautiful national parks (which are free of charge), incredible wildlife, and budget-friendly attractions. Kruger National Park is a must-see. You can either try a guided safari, rent an SUV and venture into the wild on your own.

Mui Ne, Vietnam

  1. Vietnam 

Vietnam is no longer a war zone, but a beautiful travel destination that prides with amazing places of interest. The country’s Mekong Delta, sublime countryside, welcoming people, and blissful beaches will leave you speechless.

The World’s Most Beautiful Library

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

Even though Prague is already a famous travel spot of Europe, this doesn’t mean it’s expensive. The city’s customs and traditions, the museums, and traditional allure will take you back hundreds of years. We love Prague’s historic sites, beautiful parks, galleries, castles, extravagant architecture, and laidback lifestyle.


  1. Greece

In spite of Greece’s economic crisis, the country is still one of the most beautiful to visit this summer. Its islands are magnificent. Visit Crete Island and explore Chania’s pink beaches, or rent a boat to see the islands in the area. Some of the are uninhabited, which is perfect for tourists who want to be alone and enjoy the quiet.


  1. Bulgaria

Contrary to popular belief, Bulgaria has a lot to offer. It packs amazing beach resorts where most packages are all-inclusive. Varna is a top city you should explore, although the mountain ranges and dramatic trekking routes shouldn’t be overlooked either.


  1. India 

Beautiful India never stops to amaze. Whether you want to explore the streets of Mumbai and relish in the local cuisine, or check out some of the country’s famous shrines and temples, India is the best destination to cross off the list if you want to know more about its blend of Asian culture. Make sure not to miss out two of India’s best places of interest: Pink City in Jaipur and the Taj Mahal in Agra.


  1. Hungary

Hungary’s Budapest has some pretty amazing attractions and activities for its avid travelers. One of the country’s most popular place of interest is Lake Balaton, which is also the largest in Central Europe. The region has amazing retreats for families who just want to escape the hustle and bustle of the big cities, and just relax.

The Dominican Republic

  1. The Dominican Republic 

We know Punta Cana sounds expensive. But it’s not if you book in advance. Located in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is a favourite travel destination for enthusiastic tourists who just want to bathe in the ocean, enjoy delicious local food, and benefit from high-end services.


  1. Ireland

Ireland is a wonderland that packs the best sights and activities. There’s a lot you can do in Dublin, the capital city. From hitting the pubs and enjoying the nightlife, all the way to admiring the deer at Phoenix Park or trekking the coastline in Galway.

Bottom line is, there are places where you can go to this summer without breaking the bank. The key is to make reservations in advance, and settle on a destination that really entices your sense. Where would you like to go? There are lots of amazing holidays to Scandinavia, too in case none of the above seem appealing. All you have to do is make a list, write down places you’ve always wanted to go to, and enjoy the best vacation of your life.


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