10 Cool Tech Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed

With advancements in technology every now then, human life and existence have been made easier in many unimaginable ways. Each new technology comes up with a unique feature which makes it stand out from the previous technologies. Technology is rapidly evolving such that a good percentage of people do not know if some gadgets even exist. Below are 10 cool gadgets which I did not if they even existed.

Buhel Sound Glasses

1. Buhel Sound Glasses

Buhel sound glasses are among the new innovative new gadgets conceived by Atellani to emerge within the technological world. They combine wireless connectivity with Bluetooth 4.0 technology to communicate with various other electronic gadgets such as tablets, smartphones, music players, mp3 players, and GPS devices. The sound glasses can be paired with up to seven different devices and they can allow one to activate Siri and Google now with a touch of a button. Additionally, they allow one to listen to music with high levels of awareness and safety when compared to conventional earphones. If you do not enjoy the subsidized shades on Kickstarter and you want skip wearing floating lanyard when out of the water, then you can simply adhere to the great old wooden sunglasses.

2. LG Signature Refrigerator

A lot of time is spent standing in front of the fridge with the door ajar. The LG signature refrigerator is another new and innovative technology that has recently been conceived to remedy this. The fridge allows owners to tap on the front panel whereupon a transparent window appears to enable the contents to be viewed. This is helpful for indecisive people as they are able to make the choice of what to eat early enough. If you detest the sound of the fridge alarm going off because you left the door open for too long then this fridge is for you.

3. Cicret Bracelet

The Cicret Bracelet is another new gadget in existence. It is essentially an armband which uses wireless connectivity to communicate with electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. It then uses projection technology to create a screen on one’s forearm – the most impressive thing about the screen is that it is interactive. This armband is mooted to cause a revolution within the mobile appliance manufacturing industry as it negates the need for screens to be included in models.

4. Luna Sleep Cover

The Luna Sleep Cover is a smart bed cover – the world’s first of its kind. It improves the users’ sleeping experience through a combination of temperature regulation, smart alarms, and detailed sleep reports. This is achieved as a result of its understanding of the users’ sleep cycle and syncing with the Luna application and other internet-enabled devices. It collects, aggregates, analyzes and encrypts sleep data. If you would like to automate your sleeping habits then this is the go-to-bed cover.

Keeo Carbon

5. Keeo Carbon

Keeo Carbon is a smart key holder which enables one to access a specific key in one go. It is also the first key holder of its kind within the market. It retracts and draws out keys as per the requirement thereby saving time sifting through keychains. It also syncs the users’ location with their smartphone to ensure they are not misplaced or lost. If you do not like to lose time fumbling for your keys, the Keeo Carbon is what you need.

6. Sleepow Memory Foam Sound Therapy Pillow

Nowadays you can even purchase a smart pillow to further enhance your sleeping experience. The Sleepow Memory Foam Sound Therapy Pillow has the ability to sing to you as you sleep. This is in addition to mp3 compatibility and a headphone jack. The memory foam feature is especially useful in automating one’s sleeping habits. If you hate counting sheep, this is the pillow you have been waiting for.

7. Sonicable

The Sonicable lays claim to being the world’s most advanced USB charging cable. It is a USB charging cable with the ability to halve the time required to charge a smartphone. When using PC USB and car USB ports as opposed to wall outlets, it dramatically reduces charging times. It is also strong, tangle-free and durable with dual sided USB for optimal customer experience. If you find charging times unnecessarily long, then it may be time to invest in your own Sonicable.

8. Erascan

The Erascan enables one to record and retain any amount of work which it erases. It enables records to be kept for further reference while simultaneously negating the need for additional space. If your job entails a lot of statistical work, you should consider acquiring an Erascan just in case.

Magnetic Heating Lunch Box

9. Magnetic Heating Lunch Box

The magnetic heating Lunchbox has revolutionized the food industry. One can carry packed lunch from home and still be able to eat it either warm or hot hours later. This magnetic lunch box does not require any electricity to function and it makes it easier to go camping or hiking in wild places where electricity is not available.

Aero- X

10. Aero- X

Lastly, the Aero– X seems to be a closer to the idea of hoverboards and flying cars. Although it is like a motorcycle when on the ground, it possesses the ability to fly in the air at about 10 feet above the ground. It can reach a top speed of around 45 miles per hour. This makes it ideal in places where the roads are not in good condition or in the case of traffic congestion.


In conclusion, these gadgets are some of the few technologies which are in existence and many people do not even know of. There are more gadgets which are being developed or being worked on in every passing minute. When you think you have seen more of technology, one more day on this planet will prove you wrong because even more powerful gadgets are coming up every passing day.

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