10 Funniest Reactions To United Airlines Violent Action Against a Passenger

The video shows the man refusing to disembark the aircraft after United announced that four people had to give up their seats. Despite declaring that he was a doctor who had patients to attend to, the airline had law enforcement wrestle the man from his seat before dragging him bruised and bloodied off the plane.

Since then, the internet has been ruthlessly trolling United Airlines with funny tweets and memes.

#1 Southwest Airline’s New Slogan

 Southwest Airline's New Slogan

#2 You Know It’s Bad News When A Porn Site Shames You

Porn Site Shames You

#3 United: Eeny Meeny Miny Mo

 United Airlines

#4 While People Are Getting Violently Removed Of An United Flight , I Got Upgraded To Business Class On A Emirates Flight When My Flight Got Overbooked

United Flight

#5 United Airlines Logic

United Airlines Logic

#6 Pepsi And United Airlines, Bringing People Together

Pepsi And United Airlines

#7 Since United Needs Some Clarifying

 United Airlines

#8 United Training Video

#9 Meanwhile Over At United Costumer Service Desk

 United Airlines
#10 “Sorry, We’re Overbooked”

 United Airlines

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