10 Gorgeous Women of Hollywood And Their Bad Habits

6. Cameron Diaz and Katy Perry

Habit: obsession with cleanliness. Cameron is fiendishly squeamish, feeling the most uneasy in public places. She never touches doorknobs with her hands, opening doors with her elbows only. In the meantime, Katy Perry always has 20 toothbrushes with her and brushes her teeth 6 times a day.

7. Jessica Simpson and Adele

Habit: chewing gum. Adele fills her mouth with gum every time between songs during her gigs. Jessica Simpson is addicted to nicotine gum. The peculiar thing here is that Jessica has never smoked but still somehow became very partial to that kind of chewing gum.


8. Keira Knightley and Helen Mirren

Habit: cursing. Helen Mirren doesn’t hide her emotions and always speaks her mind plainly, without restraint in the language. Keira Knightley has a beautiful voice that she sometimes uses for swearing. Both actresses have this habit, and they don’t even notice curse words in their speech.

9. Victoria Beckham and Christina Aguilera

Habit: shopping. Victoria Beckham confesses that she used to spend $150,000 a year on clothes. When she sees an item she likes, Victoria buys it in all sizes and colors. Christina Aguilera is none the better: her wardrobes are full to the point of breaking apart.


10. Jennifer Lopez and Sofia Vergara

Habit: coffee. Maybe this bad habit is, in fact, the secret of the eternal beauty and youth of these women? Anyhow, Jennifer and Sofia can’t start their day without a couple of cups of coffee.

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