10 New Hobbies to Try in 2019


New year, new you, and of course, new hobbies! Finding your calling can be a tricky process at times. There is so much to do with so little time, it may seem impossible for you to find the most suitable activities for your schedule and interests.

Here are 10 popular hobbies that will motivate you to try something new in 2019!


Turning writing into a hobby takes patience. More importantly, it takes motivation, since planning, starting, and finishing a writing piece takes a lot of self-discipline. Nevertheless, it’s a great hobby to have, and it’s worthwhile if it becomes your favorite hobby! Not to mention, you could get your writing published through an online self publishing service such as Gatekeeper Press!


This is a fun and easy activity to do to pass the time. It’s also a simple way to take time for yourself while sneaking in some physical activity. Plus, who doesn’t want a colorful front yard as a result of a hobby?


Pottery is a simple hobby that requires little more than clay and creativity. It’s also one that you can quickly advance at, depending on how much time you dedicate to it. Definitely check this hobby out if you like something therapeutic and hands on!


Knitting is a time consuming, yet rewarding process that requires a lot of skill. Compared to every other hobby on the list, it’s not so simple to pick up since it takes quite a few hours to become skilled in this. Patience is key for this hobby.


This hobby can be done anywhere in the world. Bikes are an easy-to-access item that you can rent, purchase, or finance. The levels of biking difficulty is completely up to you depending on which trail you choose to bike. And once you have mastered biking in your local region, you can start biking in amazing locations all around the world!


This hobby is breathtaking, literally! Depending on the mountain you decide to hike, you will be out of breath or left with a breathtaking view once you have made it to the top. Some hikers choose to travel around the globe to have a chance at hiking the most famous spots such as Yosemite National Park. So gear up and put your hiking boots on because the trails are waiting!


Investing is a great opportunity to utilize money while increasing your opportunity to raise your capital. This can be stock investments, real estate investments, or savings account. There are endless options to build capital and it can be beginner friendly as well.


One of the most useful skills to have, coding, will allow you to unlock all of your inner intellectual abilities. Since coding can be as simple as programming games to drawing your own animation, there are endless applications of this useful hobby.


There’s no harm in learning how to swim. Did you know that over 54% of Americans don’t know how to swim? That is a shocking statistic. According to the American Red Cross this is the leading cause of drowning in the United States. So why not pick up a hobby that could potentially save your life? Swimming is a great workout and you’ll be glad you know how to do it when the time comes!

Video Editing

Video editing could be your next biggest passion. If you have captured an exciting and memorable moment on video before, you want to share it with everyone you know. The cleanest way to present a video is after it’s been edited. If you get good enough, you could turn this hobby into a career or business!

Don’t Give Up

Hobbies are meant for you to explore your own interests. We understand that this discovery process takes time and patience. So don’t give up too soon, because your greatest hobby could be hiding just around the corner!

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