The 10 Most Pirated Television Shows of 2017

TorrentFreak’s includes fan-favorite series such as “The Walking Dead,” “The Flash,” and “Rick and Morty,” all of which placed in the top 5 this year. The CBS comedy “The Big Bang Theory” came in at #4, while the back half of the list includes “Sherlock,” “Vikings,” and “Suits.” Apparently, lots of people were also illegally downloading the “Prison Break” reboot.

Get the full list of the year’s most-pirated television shows below.

1. “Game of Thrones”

2. “The Walking Dead”

3. “The Flash”

4. “The Big Bang Theory”

5. “Rick and Morty”

6. “Prison Break”

7. “Sherlock”

8. “Vikings

9. “Suits”

10. “Arrow”


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