10 Seriously Awesome Pieces of Geeky Furniture

Awesome Pieces of Geeky Furniture

So you think you are a perfect geek just because you have a talking Homer and a Space Invaders mug at your desk? No chance.
Maybe a lava lamp or a not-so-exclusive Google mini-fridge?

To become a respectable geek you should do more than buy used schwag on eBay for your cubicle. Not to mention that hanging solar system built using old CDs is your one-way ticket to nerd city.

To become a real geek, just take a look at this gallery of uber-cool home and office appliances, furniture, and other decorative elements built just for this purpose.

Most of them are very expensive, and some others are just prototypes. But that shouldn’t be an obstacle in your search for a better geekiness.

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