The 10 Snobbiest Cities In America

What makes a snob? Apparently — according to the Movoto Real Estate blog, at least — you should move to California to find out.

The “persnickety” state nabbed six out of the ten spots on the list of America’s snobbiest mid-sized cities. But don’t scoff just yet, East Coasters: a couple of spots on the Right Coast seem to have no problem putting their noses up in the air, as well. To be fair, the list was compiled thanks to the site’s super mathematical snobbery scale, which includes factors such as median home prices and household income, percent of population with a college degree and the number of private schools, performing arts centers, art galleries and country clubs per capita.


  • Eugene, OR
    The 10 Snobbiest Cities In America
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  • 9
    Fullerton, CA
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  • 8
    Sunnyvale, CA
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  • 7
    Glendale, CA
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  • 6
    Fort Lauderdale, FL
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  • 5
    Santa Rosa, CA
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  • 4
    Naperville, IL
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  • 3
    Alexandria, VA
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  • 2
    Thousand Oaks, CA
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  • 1
    Pasadena, CA
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