100 Ton Hydraulic Press Against 50 Sheets Of Glass

Hydraulic Press

This video by Life Hacks & Experiment had 50 sheets of glass pitted against the enormous power of the hydraulic press. The fight seems a bit lopsided, right? That is because it is, however; we can’t dismiss the fact that when this video came out back in 2017; it was quite amazing.

The video uses the very format of the press channel to carry out crushing of various items under the strong pressure that is characteristic of a hydraulic press. You will see that there are no charming hosts in this video. The video simply shows a mixture of toys and different things getting crushed. However, as you advance the end of the video, things start to get exciting!

The end of this YouTube video features 50 sheets of glass being placed under the aim of the hydraulic press. This hydraulic press is a 100-ton press. As expected, the sheets of glass give in to the enormous power of the hydraulic press in an elegant way; small fissures appear, rendering the form of the stack into a piece of art.

50 Sheets Of Glass Fighting A 100-Ton Hydraulic Press

However, the video makers do not find this slow and pleasing way of destroying the glass sheets. They include a steel ball on the top of the sheets to facilitate the destruction of the glass thus producing more critical damage swiftly.

The glass shatters as the ball pushes through its layers thanks to the hydraulic press. Nowadays such videos come with slow motion and reverse effects. Check out the video above.


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