11 Highly Secured Areas in the World

Global Seed Vault, Svalbard, Norway

There are several places on this planet that are really hard or impossible to get into. We have collected 11 secret places around the world that are impossible to access.

11. Secret Mormon Base, Utah, USA

Deep under Granite Rock, there is a depository built by the Mormons. By hearsay, they store their precious relics there. Only the highest members of their church can enter this place that is resistant even to a nuclear explosion.

10. Global Seed Vault, Svalbard, Norway

Svalbard Global Seed Vault opened in 2008 on the island of Spitzbergen. 250 million seed samples are stored there. It was created so that people can restore any plant. The island is a perfect place for storing seeds because there is practically no seismic activity and it is high above sea level.

9. Niihau Island, Hawaii, USA

Hawaii is a beach paradise. However, this little island is impossible to enter. It was sold to a plant-owner family in 1863 and closed in 1915. It is still a guarded place.

8. HavenCo, Sealand

The data center was opened in 2000 in Sealand. Its owner, HavenCo, thought this was how they could get around a British law. It closed in 2008 but was opened again in 2013.

7. “Pionen” Bunker, Stockholm, Sweden

The data centers of Bahnhof are situated in a cave 100 feet underground. This bunker was built in 1943 as a fallout shelter. There are live plants, artificial waterfalls, and a huge aquarium inside. This is how the company creates a nice atmosphere for its employees.

6. ADX Florence Prison, Colorado, USA

The nickname of this prison is “Alcatraz of the Rockies.” The cells there are made of stone, and even the bunk beds and sinks are made of concrete. There are laser traps everywhere inside, and the doors are controlled remotely. All the security officers of this prison can shoot to kill if they suspect an escape.

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