11 Highly Secured Areas in the World

5. RAF Menwith Hill Base, Yorkshire, Great Britain

This place was built in 1954 for catching signals during the Cold War. It is unknown what is going on there now, but this is the biggest storage of intelligence data in the world.

4. “Greenbrier” Resort, Virginia, USA

It seems impossible to see a resort in such a list. In fact, this place is the most secure resortin the world, accessible only to US government agents. There is also a fallout shelter here.

3. Vatican Secret Archives

This is considered to be the most secret library in the world. All the documents of the Popes have been stored here since the VII century. Only a research officer can enter the archives with special permission, which is extremely difficult to obtain.

2. Bold Lane Car Park, Derbyshire, Great Britain

This car park is one of the safest places in the world. Drivers get special barcode-tickets that are synchronized with their parking space. Under each car is a movement sensor that runs the alarm in case someone moves the car without permission. There are 190 surveillance cameras in the facility.

1. Area 51, Nevada, USA

Area 51 is a special facility for experimental flight vehicle construction. It is impossible to approach the base from the ground or air. It means that no flight can be performed above this territory. The existence of this place was revealed reluctantly, which gave birth to many conspiracy theories.

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