12 Photographs Breaking The Stereotypes

Sometimes, we reflexively think in terms of stereotypes. For example, many people immediately think of a disheveled-looking man with crazy eyes if told to imagine what a scientist looks like. And a successful businessman is always a handsome person in a sharp suit and tie but in reality, of course, people in different professions can have any number of appearances.


On the right: Mark Zuckerberg — businessman, philanthropist, and family man.


Photographs Breaking The Stereotypes

On the right: Amy Mainzer — American astronomist, NASA employee, and chief researcher of small planetary bodies.


This young woman works for the Icelandic police. Iceland has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.


On the right: Roman Ivanov — a leading Russian website developer.


The Mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, is on the left. Yes, that’s right, it’s a cat! His name is Stubbs, and he’s been in the job for 19 years. But how does he give out instructions, we wonder?


Zara Anne Elizabeth Phillips is a member of the British Royal Family, and she is 16th in line to the throne. She loves horse racing and has won the world championship.

Yoga teachers

On the right is Yasmin Stanley, a well-known yoga instructor. Yasmin believes that yoga can teach a person to live and accept themselves as they are, and that being thin isn’t all that matters.

Rock stars

On the right — Jared Leto at an official reception. Note how he’s not wearing black leather, and his hair looks tidy!


On the right — Brazilian neurologist Daniel Prado.


An ordinary chemistry teacher in a US school.


Leslie Porterfield holds the world speed record for a motorcyclist — 374.208 km/h.


Well not everything is false!

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