1,200-Year-Old Viking Sword Discovered On Norwegian Mountain

 Viking Sword

Reindeer hunters in Norway were surprised to find an amazingly well-preserved Viking sword while they were hunting in a high altitude area.

Secrets of The Ice, a Norwegian glacial archaeology organization, reports that a 1,200-year-old Viking sword was discovered by reindeer hunters in Norway. Reindeer hunter Einar Åmbakk and two friends were hunting in the high mountains of Oppland County, Norway when they stumbled across this ancient sword.

The sword was wedged between two rocks on a plain filled with the small rocks that pepper the Norwegian countryside, known as scree. Though the blade was rusted, and any organic material that was attached to it like leather straps or bone and wood adornments had rotted away years ago, it was remarkably well preserved. The extreme cold and low pressure may have prevented further rusting or degradation from occurring.

Sword Viking

Researchers were able to determine that the sword dates back to 850-950 AD, and was likely owned by a Viking swordsman.


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