13-Year-Old’s Largest Collection of Doctor Who Memorabilia

Doctor Who Memorabilia

Thirteen-year-old Lily Connors holds the Guinness World Record for “largest collection of Doctor Who memorabilia.”The Welsh student, who barely walking when the BBC rebooted its classic sci-fi show in 2005, fell in love with the Time Lord at age three, after watching Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston.

Amassing trinkets since she was four, Lily has accumulated a mind-blowing 6,641 items, according to Guinness. That’s more than four times the amount of previous record-holder Ian O’Brien, who earned his place in 2015 with 1,573 Who-related pieces.

“When I broke the record it was awesome,” Lily told Wales Online. “It was the best thing ever.

“I showed all of my friends and they couldn’t believe it. They were really shocked that I got a world record,” she continued. “My friends like Doctor Who but I absolutely love it.”

Doctor Who Memorabilia

That is evidenced by the wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling ornaments adorning the teenager’s bedroom. How many Doctors, sonic screwdrivers, and Cybermen heads can you spot?

“My favorite part of my collection is my TARDIS wardrobe,” she said of the addition her father Tom built—which was signed by Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi. “It’s priceless.”

The DIY closet may be invaluable to the 13-year-old, but her entire lot cost at least £2,000 ($2,521) to build, Wales Online reported. What began as a few second-hand action figures passed on by Tom became an astounding selection of souvenirs from family, friends, and Doctor Who actors.

“I have met loads of cast members and have been to watch the show being filmed, too,” Lily told the website.

Doctor Who Memorabilia

The envy of every Whovian (myself included), the Swansea resident even dip-dyed her blonde hair TARDIS blue, just in case anyone was unaware of her obsession.

Less than three weeks from Doctor Who‘s season 10 premiere, Lily is no doubt preparing for the family tradition of visiting her grandparents’ house every Saturday to watch the show.

“We all sit down with popcorn and pizza to watch it,” she said.

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