15 Videos And Pics Of Animals Invade Cities As People Staying Indoors

Animals Invade Cities

As we’ve seen already, animals have been roaming around in the city streets as people retreat to their shelters amidst the COVID-19 lockdown. Now countless animals have joined the cause all around the world and roaming the streets. And this time, even threatening predators like bears, mountain lions, and wild pumas are prowling in the streets. Check out the collection of videos and photos which are circling the internet right now.

Harold Hill In Romford, East LondonMountain Lions Roaming The Resident Area

Fox Sleeping On A Tree Stump In The Backyard

A Photo Of A Coyote In San Francisco Taken With A Zoom Lens From Inside The Photographer's Car

A Wild Puma Was Captured In The Streets Of Santiago, Chile On March 24, 2020

A Wild Deer, From A Herd Used To Be Fed By The Local Population, Roams In Sri Lanka



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