16 Photos Showing The Power and Cleverness of Women

Cleverness of Women

Women are delicate and fragile creatures but they hide more power than men can think. They smartly trick guys, take the situation under their control, and control the incredible skill of finding the absolute picture angle in just seconds. Look through these photos and get acquainted with some of these girls’ unbelievable superpowers.

“My boyfriend’s mom proposed to me.”

So tricky.

“I taught my brother to make a fake body when I sneak out.”

When you understand what true craftiness is:

“This woman was spray-painting her car black right in the middle of a Walmart parking lot.”

How girls transform:

When you say to your boyfriend that you’ll bring just a couple of your things to his house:

That moment when you asked 3 times what she wanted to order:

When your boyfriend lets you pick the slice you want:

“My girlfriend numbered my condoms and told me she’ll perform weekly inventory audits.”

When you find the perfect excuse to get some extra sleep:

“My girlfriend took this photo to prove that I dress like an old man…”

When you’re getting your hair washed and the truth comes out:

Suddenly friend-zoned

All girls are guilty of this.

This girl dresses like an old lady to prove that she’s old enough to buy alcohol.


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