20 Hilariously Hacked Electronic Road Signs

Hacked Electronic Road Signs

The electronic road sign has basically become the bathroom stall for any punk teen who knows how to get past a firewall. You might think that road sign up ahead is warning you about a lane closure, only to find out it’s just some jokester telling you to “Expect Deez Nuts.” It’s either that or America’s roads have a serious problem with Nazi zombie outbreaks:

Vanilla Ice

Alien Condom

Funny Road Signs

Sorry Mario

Troy Penis

Work Cancelled

Funniest Road Signs

Eat My Shorts

Dick Bf

Funny Hacked Road Signs Gorilla

Phone Booth

Rapture Ahead

Hilarious Hacked Electronic Road Signs

Vagina Monster

Deez Nuts

Just Had Sex Sign

Fist Ass

Hammer Time

Electric Road Signs Hacked Late Work

Poopy Fingers

Eat My Balls

Smoke Weed

Funny Signs From Roadside Billboards


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