22 Best Replies To The New ‘Kicking The Cap Off A Bottle’ Challenge

Kicking The Cap Off A Bottle

The Internet is the ideal place for challenges and all the time pass events. From Ice Bucket to idiotic Bird Box, challenges come and go in like waves, with some lingering for longer while others can be forgotten soon enough. Well, a new challenge has recently surfaced and thank goodness it doesn’t require walking around the streets with a blindfold or start dancing right out of a moving car.

Today, it comes with a bottle cap and some awesome martial art moves. Well, at least that’s where it started, considering that the challenge immediately changed its course with more and funnier versions coming out now.

A Taekwondo expert known as Master Fa first posted a video of himself kicking a cap of a bottle back on June 25. He then challenged Jason Statham, Conor McGregor, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Jackie Chan to do the same. And as Statham and McGregor replied, the challenge took off and people of all kinds of backgrounds joined in.

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I personally feel like I won the #bottlecapchallenge.

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