30 Best Photos Of Mars Which NASA’s Curiosity Took in 7 Years


Mars is a no man’s land where survival seems like a distant dream. After all, no man has ever walked on its surface and plans to send an astronaut to the red planet are only in the beginning stages of its development. However, humans have been on Mars through the wheels of Mars rovers. We’ve had 4 victorious robotically operated Mars rovers, so far: Sojourner, Opportunity, Spirit, and Curiosity.

As Opportunity’s mission was declared complete on February 13, 2019, when NASA lost all contact with the vehicle, Curiosity became the lone survivor on the red planet, rolling over its surface to experiment and explore the unknown land all by itself. The spacecraft first arrived on Mars on August 6, 2012, and started taking out its objectives during the years. In fact, Curiosity did its work so well and held on for so long that its primary mission duration of 687 days was extended indefinitely.

Ripples On Surface Of Martian Sand DuneCuriosity Rover Finds And Examines A Meteorite On MarsSunset Sequence In Mars' Gale CraterCuriosity's Dusty Selfie At DuluthCuriosity's Color View Of Martian Dune After Crossing ItFirst Sampling Hole In Mount SharpMartian Rock 'Harrison' In Color, Showing CrystalsMultiple Layers Of Mount SharpJake Matijevic RockCuriosity Took Dozens Of Mast Cam Images To Complete This Mosaic Of A Petrified Sand DuneRemnants Of Ancient Streambed On MarsWheel Scuff Mark At 'Rocknest'Curiosity Self-Portrait At Martian Sand DuneGetting To Know Mount SharpOutcrop In The Murray Buttes Region Of Lower Mount SharpCuriosity Arrived At This Active Sand Dune Named "Gobabeb", Which Is Part Of A Larger Dune Field Known As "Bagnold"Having Reached The Base Of Mount Sharp, Curiosity Captured This Image Of Its Rocky SurroundingsMount Sharp Comes In SharplyView From Mars Orbiter Showing Curiosity Rover At 'Shaler'Curiosity Rover's View Of Alluring Martian GeologyMars Rover Curiosity In 'Buckskin' SelfieCuriosity Self-Portrait At 'Windjana' Drilling SiteLayers At The Base Of Mount SharpFocusing The 100-Millimeter MastcamA Mudstone Rock Outcrop At The Base Of Mount SharpCuriosity Visited An Area Named "Fracture Town" Which Contains Many Pointed, Layered Rock FormationsCuriosity Tracks In 'Hidden Valley' On MarsStrata At Base Of Mount SharpResistant Features In 'Pahrump Hills' OutcropBone Up On Mars Rock Shapes


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