$370,000 Worth Of iPhones Stolen From UPS Truck

UPS Truck

Three robbers made off with around 313 iPhone X devices. These phones were sitting inside a UPS truck outside the Apple store in San Francisco when they were stolen.

The latest flagship, best known for its almost entirely bezel-free screen and a hefty price tag has faced this blow just one day before the unveiling. CNET estimated the value of 313 stolen iPhone X’s at $370,000. The identity and whereabouts of the robbers are not known as of now.

The police are looking for three suspects in hooded sweatshirts who drove a white Dodge van, the report said. The theft reportedly occurred between 11 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. Pacific time on Wednesday

Meanwhile, another Apple enthusiast from London worked out a loophole in a third-party retailer’s shipping service and was able to get the phone a day early. The only difference is that he actually had to pay a thousand dollars to get one. Proves people are being crazy to get their hands on the new iPhone X!

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