4 Ways to Boost Your WiFi Signal for Free

WiFi Signal

Working with an unreliable WiFi signal can put a major damper on your goals to get work done at home and can lengthen your workday when you want to casually surf the web and stream movies and TV shows.

So that’s why you need to check out these 5 tips to boost your WiFi signal and you won’t have to spend a dime.

Take a look.

1. Find the open space.

Taking your router to an open space in your house or apartment can be a Tremendous help in enhancing your WiFi signal.

Many people conceal their routers away in cabinets or behind appliances but the fact is you need the signal that casts from the router to not be stopped by any objects.


2. Come a little bit closer.

In addition to #1 on this list, you need to set yourself and your gadget closer to the router.

This is common sense, but a lot of people don’t think like that, your signal is going to be a lot stronger if you put it near where it’s originating from.


3. One thing at a time.

If you’re using many devices at once or doing a lot of things at the same time online, it will get slower and take longer.

If you need to do something really important like download a massive file or stream a movie or a game, it’s most useful to put all other activities on pause so your WiFi is committed to that one task instead of being spanned out by numerous things at once.


4. Have you tried it?

When nothing works, turn it off and back on again, trust me this works most of the time, and it’s the best remedy for the router. If your Internet isn’t working or is being jerky and lagging, try this old trick.

It works for computers, cellphones, and all kinds of other devices, so do the same to your modem, turn it off and turn it on again. Simple

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