5 Gears That Every Photographer Needs

Photography Gear

Photography is a very expensive hobby and profession both – in order to take good quality photos, the gear you use is as important as your skill. When starting out photography, you do not need to have all required gear – you can start out with a quality camera. The Nikon DSLR camera range for photography has multiple renowned models that are used by photographers all over the world. Once your have the most important accessory, you can slowing start building your collection and get the five additional gears that every photographer needs:


1. A tripod

A tripod is an extremely versatile camera accessory that comes in handy in every photoshoot – whether you are making portraits of an individual or doing landscape photography, a tripod comes in handy in all instances. Especially in settings with low light, tripods help you take steady pictures with a longer exposure. Newbie photographers are not very steady with their hand movements while taking pictures or shooting videos and hence a tripod is an extremely affordable and handy accessory.


2. Some spare batteries

It is very common for people to pull out their camera to capture a beautiful moment only to find out that their camera’s battery died – do not let this happen to you. You should always carry spare batteries with you on your photography excursions as they come in very handy. Sometimes, people travel hours to their shoot locations to find just the right backdrop for their pictures, and having their camera die at such a time can be a true nuisance. Hence, you should ensure that you have charged spared batteries with you at all times.


3. Spare memory cards

Photographers plan an entire shoot only to reach the shoot’s location to find out that their camera’s memory is full. To avoid such a situation, you should carry spare memory cards with you at all times. Sometimes, your memory card can also get corrupted during a shoot and memory cards come in handy in such situations as well.


4. An LCD shade

In order to avoid a glare in your LCD screen which may prohibit you from looking into it, you need to invest in an LCD shade. Sometimes lighting which looks great does not in fact look that good on your LCD screen and the glare makes it impossible for you to view anything. An LCD shade allows you to view your LCD screen during a shoot without any issues whatsoever.


5. A camera bag

Once you have gathered all your required items, you now need a place to store all of them. Without properly storing them, you wouldn’t be able to retract anything when you need it and all your research and investment would go down the drain. A good quality camera bag keeps your camera and all of its accessories safe, and also has separate compartments for each item.

While photographers make it seem like their camera is the only thing they need to take good pictures of, this is far from the truth. Photography is an art that requires multiple tools and gears to arrive at a quality product.

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