5 Important Family Road Trip Tips

Family Road Trip

The economics of family trips in one vehicle make family road trips a budget-friendly journey. On my travels I always look for tips and tricks to save some bucks on the journey, Like the best car GPS tracker no monthly fee, and a personal GPS tracker for everyone so we can’t get lost in the wild and keep track of each other so we can all move independently.  Over the years, we’ve come up with several family road trip tips, and here are some that I like to share with you.


1. Don’t use too much screen

Make your family restrict on limiting kids’ screen time, but on a road trip, there are no rules most of the time everyone is on a vacation. We do try to blend things up with other forms of fun but trust me there will be too much screen time on the trip.

Road trip screen time has developed over time. When kids were small, There was a portable DVD player attached to a platform secured to the headrest posts. But not two kids agree on watching the same movie in this world so something has to change. As the kids got older and tech evolved, we moved more toward personal screens. Older kids like their phones, and we have tablets and other gadgets for the littler kids. So screens are good but not all the time.


2. Don’t eat too many snacks

Getting enough snacks for your road trip is quite important. Take the cups to pass the messier snacks around. This way, you have the “snack master” in the front seat passing out snacks all the way to the back seat for less fortunate passengers.

When you got to your destination, check out in the back of the car and you will find sandwich cookies and parts of them littered throughout the back seat. So keep the snacks to a limit and get the snacks that don’t make a lot of mess in the car which saves you time for cleaning the car at every stop.


3. Keep an eye on the space

Space is an important consideration. Unfortunately, it’s one that you don’t have a lot of control over if you travel with females because they like to pack the whole house with them. In most cases, the car you have is the only vehicle you have and you are restricted with the amount of space you have.

If you’re renting a car and not using your own, one potential option would be renting two cars instead of one bigger car but in addition to being more pocket-friendly than renting a minivan, having two cars lets you divide up kids that can’t seem to get along into completely different cars. One bad thing our family has found when renting two cars is that both you and your partner have to drive all the time simultaneously, instead of being able to change drivers in between travels.


4. Make your break time last

It is dependent on how long you’re traveling to, or the ages of your children, you’re likely to stop one too many times along the way. If this is a route you’ve taken many times before, then you probably have your “favorite” rest stops along the way. We like to turn those stops for meals, gas and bathrooms into short breaks, and make it like a routine. Rather than just all lining up to the bathroom, you should stop at a rest area, find a grassy spot and do anything from exercise to a quick game of hide-and-seek. The older kids play grumpily, but the smaller kids enjoy getting out of the car and playing around to freshen up their mood.

If you have some extra time in the schedule and not in a hurry to get somewhere fast then take advantage of some free and different things to do on the way, this makes travel burden much lighter.


5. Find entertainment on the way

The main origin of entertainment is from screens these days. Do have some other things planned that you do to pass the time on your road trips — here is a list of our favorites:

  • Have some books on CD or digitally; for example, the “Harry Potter” series read by Jim Dale.
  • There is all sort of silly games, for example, the classic “Alphabet Game.”
  • There is another group game which is called, “I am something in the world; what am I?” which is essentially a souped-up 20 questions where one person thinks of anything and everyone else uses yes or no questions to figure out the thing he is thinking of. I am continually shocked at how even the most difficult things can be figured with unlimited questions.
  • There is another cool one and it involved printed out sheets with license plates from all states on them and had the passengers mark ones that they saw. It is kind of a basic game but it will involve everyone playing the game and travel seems much more fun. Have a prize for whoever ticks all the states.


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