5 Interesting Travel Ideas in Europe

Travel Ideas
Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, a family or beach holiday, a trip alone or with your friends, Europe ranks the list with it’s the amazing choice of places to visit. If you are a golf maniac, your go-to place should be the Monte Rei Golf Course. Spread over 1000 acres of land, it has been ranked as the best golf course in Portugal.

Tourists have always raved about Europe’s natural beauty and magnificent landscapes. Europe is home to colorful festivals, crazy night lives, and grand artistic legacies. Let’s start exploring.


The natural structures of Cappadocia resemble places from another world. There are some tall boulders that stand side by side to caves, traditional houses, and underground tunnels. The place is mostly popular for hiking and taking hot air balloon rides over these humongous boulders.

You can also visit the cave hotels and spend your night there. The best time to visit would be the end of April to October when there are fewer chances of rain.


Dubrovnik is a magical treat to your eyes. Located in Croatia on the Adriatic Sea, it is home to one of the world’s best-preserved medieval cities. You can simply laze around on the beach, visit the botanical gardens, go sightseeing or stroll nearby.

There are cliff jumping, snorkeling, swimming, and other fun activities you could try. The best time to visit would be from May to June or September to October when it’s not too hot, and crowds are to the minimum.


Malaga is a chic and cosmopolitan destination in Spain. It is said that Picasso gifted the city to the world owing to its natural beauty and landscapes. It has recently transformed with a number of brilliant art galleries, port districts, and an art district, Soho.

The nightlife, too, is widely popular with Michelin-starred restaurants. You can visit El Palo’s old fishing district, experience Malaga’s nightlife, or go shopping. The best time to visit Malaga is from May to September.


If you are planning on a romantic getaway, Santorini is the place you will love. With its enchanting Greek Islands, picture-perfect locations, refreshing sea waves, it makes a perfect location for lovers.

You can visit the Black Beach and Red Beach for swimming, or go snorkeling, scuba diving, visit the Nea Kameni for volcano hiking and hot springs. The best time to visit would be May for hiking purposes and early June to September.


Gothenburg is an absolute delight to the eyes with undeniably beautiful scenery, multiple historical sites, enchanting forests, enigmatic countryside, simple fishing villages, and pristine beaches. You can visit the city center for a stroll, ride the Lisebergslinjen Vintage tram, picnic at the botanical gardens, or go kayaking at Lake Delsjön.

You can also plan to visit Maritiman which is the world’s biggest floating museum of ships. The best time to visit Gothenburg would be the months of June and July when you can also witness the midnight sun.

No doubt, Europe is a land of diversity and enchanting beauty. Rich with a combination of cultures, history, architecture, and cuisines, Europe is one of the best destinations you can visit for your next holidays. You can save up on some delightful memories and experiences that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Witness these amazing places firsthand and soak in the beauty of nature. With great sports and swimming opportunities on hand, you should definitely give Europe a chance to impress you. It doesn’t have to try too hard. Book your trip now to have a beautiful experience in Europe.

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