5 Million Star Bubble Hotel In The Vineyards Of Mexico

Bubble Hotel

The fast and chaotic city life forces us all to seek refuge in nature, without having to leave the extravagances behind. The growing facilities available to the travelers now involve camping on beaches, in African Deserts and as far north as Igloo camping in Finland.

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Mexican camping spot is located in Baja, California and it is incredible. The region is already gaining fame with its Food and Wine escapades. Baja is filled with incredible wineries throughout the region. The tranquility of the place has been intact due to lack of paved roads and undiscovered wineries.

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The Campera Hotel provides a new twist to a typical canvas tent camping; the rooms are fundamentally bubbled tents with transparent ceilings allowing you to gaze at captivating 5 million stars at night. The hotel promises an experience where you are engrossed in vineyards and star-filled skies, without neglecting your luxury needs.

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The eco-resort comprises of 12 bubbles placed in the Vines, each containing a full-sized bed with fine linens and a connected private bathroom. The bubble can be upgraded for three people with an added bed.

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The Campera bistro gives a gourmet experience that you don’t want to miss during camping. The hotel provides an innovative way to appreciate the outdoors all times, especially in the evening, by remaining inside. One can experience gazing at 5 million stars in the luxury of one’s bed. After all, the whole idea is to enjoy high-quality food and cozy sleep and more importantly, getting close to nature and enjoy some peace and slow time.

Credits: Campera Hotel
Credits: Campera Hotel

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