5 Things to Check Before Selling Your Used Servers


There are lots of places willing to take your used servers off your hands – but how many of them do it safely, securely, and legally? Data is a precarious thing when it falls into the wrong hands. Data breaches from used equipment might cost your firm more than just a scandal – it could cost you millions.

So how do you avoid data breaches from used data storage systems or used servers? You follow our top tips on things to check before you sell that old hardware on. Read on and find out what you should be wary of when dealing with unneeded data.


The Top Things to Check Before You Sell on a Server

There are a few things you should always check to make sure you sell securely. Additionally, you should consider things like the reputation of who you sell to and the price they are offering.


1 – Log out of Accounts

The last thing you want to do is to lose any sensitive data in your online accounts. If you are still logged into them when you close down and permanently delete your data then you may permanently lose what is in those accounts. Log out of them and don’t take the risk!


2 – Back-up Your Everything!

Before you choose to sell an old used server, you need to make sure you aren’t losing any of the information. You don’t need to back up irrelevant data or stuff you don’t need anymore… but if there is important data on your servers then back that data up before you sell them on. Before selling, the next step is to delete everything and once it is gone it is gone.


3 – Data Deletion

Have you permanently deleted all your client’s data from the servers? Have you deleted all of your own? It may be worth a full reformat. It might also be worth having a professional advise you on how to do so, if you don’t already know. If you are too small a firm to have your own IT expert on call, then we here at Spectra can help. Contact us today to start your data deletion journey.


4 – Compliance with Data Law

No matter where in the world you live, your government should have data protection laws. Even online businesses are subject to these. At the very least, you will be subject to information privacy law. You need to make sure that any old servers you sell don’t contain any sensitive information. This rule is similar to rule one. If you have permanently deleted all your data before you sell used servers online you should be in compliance. If not? Hire a lawyer.


5 – Reformatting

If possible, you can reformat your used servers back to their original status. This may mean returning to factory settings. If the used server you want to sell has a default option then you may need to restore to default. This basically returns your goods to their original working condition, theoretically free of any data you may have had stored there.

Remember, if you don’t know what you’re doing then call in the tech experts… they are ready and waiting to take your call!

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