5 Things to Do When You Are Bored

Clean up your space

Being bored is a poor way to feel about your time. If you ever begin to feel bored, it is best to wrap yourself up in an activity that will give you some purpose and some fun. Those who find themselves often being bored should consider some methods of decreasing their idle time and increasing their enjoyment in life. Here are five things to do when you are bored.

Clean up your space

Cleaning when you are bored is an action meant to be two-fold. For starters, cleaning is an action that will immediately help to improve your space. The look, feel, and smell of your home ambiance will increase after you have cleaned. You may even find yourself relaxing while cleaning.

The second part of cleaning is, much like children, as adults we find ourselves distracted by our “cleaning finds”. Behind a bookshelf or a bed, you may find a book that you have been meaning to read. By sifting through drawers, you may find a picture book that you still need to put together. Cleaning leads to much less boredom and much satisfying gain.

Go for a walk

A walk is great for the health, great for the circulation, and great to cure mental boredom. If you are feeling bored with no cure inside, go outside. The out of doors is stimulating mentally, and you will most likely find yourself thinking during your walk. These thoughts may lead to good ideas of what to do with your day once you return home.

Get ahead on some work

The last thing that many want to do with time off is work, however, working is one of the best ways to decrease boredom. Working will help to increase your income, which is always a good thing. Getting ahead on work will also give you time later in the week to make plans for something fun. Using your downtime to get ahead at the office will increase your work performance, and lend you more time later on to make plans for better things.

Talk some quizzes online

If you are bored and on the internet, taking a few quizzes is a surefire way to have some fun. There is no limit to the amount of quizzes and puzzles available online. You can flex your mental muscles for some stimulating IQ quizzes or you can have fun guessing logos of cars for quiz games. You can spend hours at a time taking internet quizzes and never run out of new material.

Try a new movie

If there has been a movie that you have been wanting to try, or a new genre that you may be interested in, pop some popcorn and watch a new movie. Movies are mentally stimulating and often pull you into the world of the actors. Movies also tend to last for an hour or two, which combats time spent twiddling your thumbs.


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