5 Useful Tech Gadgets and Tools for College Students


Technology has always been a huge help to college students. Having your own laptop makes it easier to take notes in class and complete assignments in your dorm room while your smartphone keeps you in touch with friends around campus. Gadgets and tools have continued to improve and college students have access to even more technology that will help them succeed in school. If you’re looking for the next great tech for yourself or your child, here are five useful gadgets and tools for college students.


Phone Tracker Service

You probably weren’t worried about spam calls in high school, but now that you’re preparing for internships or jobs, it’s important to know how to figure out who called you. With a phone tracker service, you can look up unknown numbers and find out who’s been calling your cell phone. This can help you prevent unwanted calls by reporting a phone number to the police once you know it’s a scam or spam call. If you’re expecting an important call from a potential employer, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on who’s calling you and why.

Photo Sharing

If you didn’t take any pictures, did it actually happen? During college, you’ll want to document every moment. Make sure all your amazing pictures are backed up on a private photo share. With ibi, you can store more than 250,000 photos and 100 hours of HD videos. It will back up photos from your social media accounts, Google Photos, and your phone’s storage, so you never have to worry about losing an image. You can even set up an inner circle and share all the pictures and videos with your friends or family.

Personal Projector

You might be surprised by how useful a personal projector can be. For only a few hundred bucks, you can project movies or shows for your friends on the wall of your dorm room, so you don’t have to worry about buying a TV (everyone streams these days, anyway). You bring it to other friends’ rooms as well since it’s much more portable than a television. Not only can you use your projector to watch movies, but you can also hold group study sessions. Project a slideshow of terms to memorize or a lecture by the professor. You and your friends won’t have to gather around a tiny screen to learn the same information.

Robot Vacuum

Between classes, studying, eating, and time with friends, you don’t have time to clean your dorm room. Instead of letting it get dirty and dusty, buy a robot vacuum. You can program it to run while you and your roommate are in class and this vacuum does a better job of cleaning under the bed than you ever will. You can return from class to a wonderfully clean room and you’ll never have to fight with your roommate about whose turn it is to vacuum the carpet.

Charging Hub

So much new tech means you now have plenty of devices to charge. A charging hub or power strip will allow you to charge multiple devices at once. Charge your phone and laptop while your roommate does the same. You’ll get the most out of the limited outlets in your dorm room and never have to worry about your laptop dying while you’re taking frantic notes. Make sure whichever hub or strip you get is surge protected so you don’t damage your tech or blow the power in your room.

There are endless gadgets and tools that can help college students. Start discovering new resources and buying new tech that will help you succeed over the next four years. You won’t regret it.

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