6 Amazing Applications to Make Remote Work Easier

Remote Work

Remote working was not common some few years back. With the advent of global pandemic Covid-19, even the most rigid companies have allowed their employees to work from home. Even though it may hold benefits at an individual level, it can be hard to keep up with other team members and managers.

In remote work, transferring data can be facilitated by using Integration Platform – Liferay. You can remove communication inefficiencies with shared documents and customized workflow that unite business units. It is best to use applications and tools that can make your work experience from home considerably easy and comfortable. Here are some tools that can benefit any type of remote worker.



It makes managing multiple remote teams and projects easier and helps your business stay on track. Your business can use this software for managing a remote team. Generate project reports, track working hours, and keep track of the tasks of a project.

By using ProofHub, a remote team can strengthen their communication. It enables features like chat, file storage, and sharing, markup tools for proofing documents, etc. Teams can work in collaboration and can expect effective results of their efforts.



Slack is an effective tool to make communication among the team members simple and organized. It provides a space for collaboration and makes your work more productive.

With the help of Slack, you can privately connect with any of your team members without involving others through direct messages. You can integrate this software with other useful applications like Google Drive.


Google Drive:

It is one of the most used and popular tools used by remote workers. It can be used to share documents, audio files, videos, presentations, and photos with your team.

You can access your stored data on Google Drive at any time. It ensures the safety of your documents and you have the choice of sharing them with whoever you want.


Microsoft OneDrive:

It allows you to store and access files whether you are working from home or in a café. You can use this application on multiple devices including, mobiles, tablets and PCs.

Share files and documents in OneDrive and choose the files you want to have offline access to. Microsoft OeDrive is one of the best cloud-based storage spaces for securely storing your business data.



Trello is an amazing project management software to help keep track of your projects while staying connected. You can make a separate board for every of your projects. Add lists of tasks and goals to manage the work of a project efficiently.

Using Trello, you can assign separate tasks for every employee to ensure the smooth running of a group project. It can help you to stay on top of your business even when working from home.



Toggl can help track the working time of the employees. It enables more work productivity and motivation. It is best for remote workers, even with different time zones.

It can help to track time for every single task. Even if you forgot to start the timer, it could help you give reminders with its amazing features.

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