£60,000 Audi Abandoned in floods is completely stripped by thieves in UK

£60,000 Audi Abandoned

A £60,000 Audi RS5 sports car was barely recognisable after it was vandalised and stripped of parts having been left in a flooded Chertsey. See SWNS story SWCAR: A motorist has been left £60,000 out of pocket after a sports car, abandoned after it got stuck in floodwater, was stripped of parts. The luxury Audi RS5 was left in three-foot deep floodwaters, under a railway bridge in Chertsey, Surrey, early last month. Within hours of it getting stuck, near Chertsey, Surrey, on January 2, the windows had been smashed by unknown vandals. But yesterday (Weds), fresh pictures of the 174mph motor reveal the true extent of the damage because someone has nicked the ENGINE.

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£60,000 Audi Abandoned


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