7-Foot Tall Hellhound Skeleton Unearthed in UK

7-Foot Tall Hellhound Skeleton Unearthed in UK

Known according to ancient texts as Black Shuck, a name believed to originate from an old English word which means ‘black demon’, the 7-foot tall beast appeared as a bringer of death in many ancient tales over 500 years ago. During the 16th century, ‘Black Shuck’ was feared by the inhabitants of modern-day UK, due to the number of brutal deaths committed by a ‘giant hellhound with reddish burning eyes’.

Now over 500 years after legends talked about the hellhound, archaeologists seem to have discovered the remains of the Black Shuck in the ruins of Leiston Abbey in Suffolk, in a nameless grave thirty inches deep among several pieces of pottery surrounding the body.

7-Foot Tall Hellhound Skeleton Unearthed in UK

According to initial calculations the remains belong to a ‘male dog’ standing at least seven feet in height weighing around 200lbs.

Is it possible that these remains belong to the legendary terror bringer that caused havoc among the population of East Anglia?

‘The story of Black Shuck has to have originated from somewhere and, who knows, it could have originated from the dog which was buried here’
Brendon Wilkins project director of Dig Ventures

It is still an enigma why the remains of the feared Black Shuch rest under holy ground, despite all of the atrocities the monster dog had committed in the past.

Local folklore states that the Black Shuck made its presence during a brutal storm on August 4, 1577, at Holy Trinity Church in Blythburgh, almost seven miles from Leiston in Suffok. The fearful villagers found shelter inside the church but despite the massive wooden doors guarding the church, the Black Shuck managed to enter.

7-Foot Tall Hellhound Skeleton Unearthed in UK

According to Reverend Abraham Fleming’s book A Straunge and Terrible Wunder:

This black dog, or the devil in such a likeness (God he knoweth all who worketh all) running all along down the body of the church with great swiftness, and incredible haste, among the people, in a visible form and shape, passed between two persons, as they were kneeling upon their knees, and occupied in prayer as it seemed, wrung the necks of them both at one instant clean backward, in so much that even at a moment where they kneeled, they strangely died.”

Radio carbon testing seem to indicate that the remains of the beast correspond to the time when the Black Shuck was terrorizing the population of Eastern Anglia. It seems that not all legends are just legends, and despite many who believe that mythology is far from reality, this time, science has proven it is not.

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