7 Interesting Hobbies to Revamp your Life


Looking to find new hobbies? Perhaps you want to rediscover old interests? No matter the reason why you are looking; we put together this list of interesting hobbies to help you out. Want to try something new in your free time?

You have come to the right place.

7 Hobbies that are a Little bit Different

So what are those out-of-the-ordinary hobbies that will make a huge change to your life? How about trying some of these…

1 – Digiscoping!

What is Digiscoping? Digiscoping combines a camera (or camera phone) with a close-up scope. A telescopic lens is applied to the camera by way of a digiscoping adapter. This allows you to take up-close-and-personal nature and wildlife shots from as far away as the scope will allow.

Want to watch wildlife in its natural habitat? Fancy spotting some birds, or even taking some microscopic photography? Digiscoping is an interesting hobby you need in your life.

2 – Weaving!

It sounds a bit odd, but weaving is used more often than you would think. Learn how to knit scarves, how to embroider, or how to weave baskets. This is an ideal hobby for those trying to quit smoking. Just like digiscoping, it gives you something to do with your hands. You don’t get as much fresh air, though.

3 – Bushcraft!

Any bushcraft skill learned will put you in your friend’s end-of-the-world squad. Learn how to make fire without your lighter or matches. Learn how to build a shelter… Then go out into random forests and leave those shelters for the local kids to find. Go on… Use your power to put some magic back into the world!

4 – Carving!

Carving anything out of wood is one of the most satisfying ways to spend some time. Whittling is peaceful, doesn’t cost much, and can keep you entertained for hours. Be careful not to cut yourself. Plus, if you are good at it, you can graduate onto a wooden lathe one day… That will cost you, but it will be totally worth it.

5 – Metal Detecting!

Treasure hunting is experiencing a surge in popularity all across the world at the moment. Get in on the fun with a metal detector of your very own. All you need to do is dig when you hear a beep. Just make sure you get permission from landowners before you dig… otherwise, it’s just stealing.

6 – Hiking!

It’s not that hiking is new, it’s that the modern world is far smaller than it used to be. Why hike in your own country when you can cross the world to do so? Grab a backpack and go, take a trail out of town, or just generally explore areas you have never been before.

Next time you drive past that road and wonder where it goes; take the chance.

7 – Hunt!

By no means do we mean animals. Hunt ghosts, hunt trains, hunt for antiques, collectibles, and storms. Hunt for everything you like – just don’t do it with a gun. Visit old bookshops and find original copies. Hunt out the video games you played when you were a kid…

Go find things. Explore the world. Remember what it was like to be a kid that hasn’t seen everything before. Life is there to be experienced… your new hobby should help you do just that.

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