7 Useful Facebook Features for Businesses


Here are 7 useful Facebook features for businesses. Read more to find out how you can make collaborative working more efficient.

Did you know that there are 2.4 billion active users on Facebook? Businesses are connecting with their audience on social media. If you want to learn about Facebook Features for Businesses, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over Facebook tools to benefit your business.

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  1. Groups Can Get Connected to a Business Page

Facebook groups are popular among users. A business can create their group and connect the group to their business page. When you’re in the group, you can post as your business profile or yourself.

You want as many people as possible to see your group and ask to join. Position the group at the top of your profile.

You’ll need to promote the group and ask people to join. Send the invite through emails, social media posts, or direct messages.

Yet, don’t add people to the group who haven’t expressed interest in joining.

  1. Facebook Stories

Stories are a unique way to connect with others and to share more about your business. Stories tend to feel more intimate than posts.

The story feature will give you a visible space to share your values and connect with your audience. You can also share more about your service or product.

Facebook Stories get made up of a slideshow of pictures or videos. You can create a story on your smartphone camera. The story will last for 24 hours.

Click the “Create Story” button on the Facebook smartphone app. You can create a video by holding down the round button. Consider creating a slideshow by touching the button once.

You can edit your story by adding filters, stickers, and location tags. Share your story by touching the plus icon in the middle of your screen.

Do you have Instagram? You could also share your story from Instagram. Go to your Instagram settings and click story settings. Turn on “Share Your Story to Facebook.”

  1. Create Business Page Polls

Polls are a useful tool in your Facebook page. Polls are helpful for your business because people provide feedback with one click.

Have fun getting creative with your content schedule. Increase engagement by adding polls to your Facebook page.

  1. Facebook Analytics

If you want to see how your audience is responding, check out your Facebook Page Insights. You can improve your drive engagement and content strategy.

Facebook Page Insights will provide detailed information about your Facebook page. You can see what works and how people interact with different content. This way, you can improve your results.

You’ll find the Insights button at the top of your page. Click that and select the Overview button in the left-hand menu.

You can see everything that’s happening with your Facebook Page. Choose to view the data for the current day, the last week, or the last 28 days.

  1. Pin an Important Post

Consider pinning a post at the top of your Facebook Page. The pinned post will be the first thing people will see when they click on your page.

What do you plan to pin at the top? You want to put something there that will capture your brand. Use this space to show off a fantastic video or share important news.

You can use this area for anything that will encourage people to engage with your brand. Change your pinned post whenever you like.

  1. What’s Your Relevance Score?

The Facebook Relevance Score estimates how your ads resonate with your audience.

Facebook looks at your ad and considers the audience’s potential negative and positive feedback. Then, they will create the score, choosing a number between 1 to 10.

If you have a higher score, Facebook will place the ad in front of the target audience. An added bonus is the ad cost will lower.

Positive interactions are video views and conversions. Negative interactions are when people hide your ads from their dashboard. When people hide or report your ads, your relevance score will suffer.

As time passes and people view and interact with your ads, the score will get updated. The more ads you post that are relevant to your audience; the more Facebook tends to reward you.

  1. Run an Audit Each Month

Try to complete an audit each month on your Facebook business profile. You can spot new features when they come out. Facebook will tell you about them sometimes, but you might have to find them on your own.

You’ll want to go through and make sure your page is accurate. Don’t let any information become outdated. When you change a company website or the hours of operation, update it on your Facebook page.

Stick to a content schedule. This way, you’re sharing useful information with your audience and building interest.

Look for any new reviews. Reviews help businesses succeed. Interested customers to learn more about your product or service.

Ask past customers to leave comments on your page. If you find a negative review, make sure you respond well. You will appear more trustworthy.


Now You Know More About Facebook Features for Businesses

We hope this guide on Business Facebook was helpful. Take the time to create meaningful content and polls to engage with your audience.

Analyze the data often, and respond to all your reviews. Use these Facebook Features for Business and grow your business.

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