71-Year-Old Wallet Was Found In A Theatre

71-Year-Old Wallet Was Found In A Theatre

In Iowa theater owner found out a wallet when he was renovating his business.

He’d been well aware of his theater’s history. Before it grew into the Talent Factory comedy club it is today, it began as a movie theater in the 1920s. Sloan always wondered what it would be like for so many people to see a movie for this first time. But what he found led him to the answer.

It was a plastic wallet. And a little calendar inside helpfully told him it was last seen in 1944, making the wallet over 70 years old. To give you an idea of how old that really is, the owner’s phone number was ‘8’ when he had lost it. Just ‘8’.

Sloan wondered whether the wallet’s owner was still alive, but he was keen to find out. He was a private investigator before he bought the Talent Factory, so he put his skills to use once again and tracked down 85-year-old Clare McIntosh.


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