World’s Most Unfortunate Name Gets Banned on Facebook

World's Most Unfortunate Name Gets Banned on Facebook

Don’t get any funny ideas it is actually pronounced “Phoo Da Bic.” Phuc Dat Bich has apparently been accused several times of using a “false and misleading name” on the social media platform. He says he finds it very irritating that no one seems to believe him when he says that is his full legal name.

According to, Facebook has, in fact, shut his account down three times. He had to send a scanned image of his passport to Facebook to prove his name is real and no funny business is going on.

Reportedly the scanned image of his passport is currently going viral on the social media with almost 70,000 shares at the time of writing. Phuc Dat Bich, 23, has also received quite a few comments on his Facebook page, offering him comfort and support in his troubles over his unusual name.

Trust me everyone have a giggle when they pronounce his name, Just imagine how they will pronounce his name in Hospital and Starbucks when they call out 🙂


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