Beer As Old As Canada Found In North American Waters

Beer As Old As Canada Found In North American Waters

A Canadian diver has made a similar find in North American waters: a bottle of beer nearly as old as Canada itself.

This isn’t a bottle of Viking beer that was left behind by Leif Eirikssen when he journeyed to North America back in the 11th century. The bottle is about 120 years old, which means it was brewed and bottled about 18 years after Canada was formally confederated. It bears the mark of one of Canada’s oldest and most storied breweries, too. This particular bottle of beer was brewed in Halifax by Alexander Keith’s, which was founded in 1820.

Diver Jon Crouse found the bottle while diving in Halifax Harbor recently, and he had planned to preserve it himself. He was going to keep it submerged in the tank of one of his toilets — where the constant circulation of fresh water would draw all the salt out of the cork. After that, he would place a couple of drops of linseed oil on the cork which would be soaked up as water in the cork evaporated.

His plans are on hold for the time being, however, as the Nova Scotia government considers his find to be of historical significance. Sean Wesley McKeane of the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage told the CBC that “the Special Places Protection Act protects all archaeological sites, known and unknown, both on land in Nova Scotia and in the water.”

So. Let’s see if he can keep what he found.


Image courtesy CBC


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