Man Came Across A Mysterious Box In The Snow, And What He Found Inside Will Shock You.

When a man on his way to work noticed a tiny white box shoved under a tree branch in the middle of nowhere, he stopped to investigate.

What he discovered inside is heartbreaking.

It was freezing cold and the snow was piling up when this man spotted a box on the side of the road.

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The box was shoved under a tree branch to stop the lid from being blown off.

What he discovered inside was truly heartbreaking: two tiny kittens, frozen to the bone and huddled against a small blanket.

The pair looked very sick, and were running out of food in their tiny dishes.

This is the road where the poor kittens were found.

They were truly in the middle of nowhere, so it was a miracle he even spotted the box.

If it had been any darker when he was driving by, he would never have seen them.

The man and his son brought the cats home. Neither of them were doing too well, but this one was in better shape.

When they were separated, they meowed until they were brought back together.

Both of them were sick and covered in filth.

So it was bath time!

The little guys were still cold, so they were wrapped in blankets and warmed with body heat.

The cats would curl up in their new humans’ laps whenever they could.

One of them would rub up against their feet as soon as she was put on the ground.

One of them was still very sick.

It was time for a trip to the vet.

But first, they needed some food.

At the vet, the sicker of the two weighed in very small.

The healthier one was slightly heavier.

It’s speculated that the box the kittens were found in was put there by a local shelter for abandoned or stray cats to take shelter in. Without it, the kittens wouldn’t have survived.

 Thankfully, they both fully recovered and still live together with their rescuers.

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