8-BitDo Launches Wireless Mod Kit for Nintendo 64 Controller


8BitDo offers an impressive range of products that cater to the nostalgia of retro gamers. With their collection of modern controllers for retro consoles and emulators, as well as their innovative mod kits, they have become a go-to brand for enhancing the gaming experience. One particular mod kit that has caught my attention is their offering for the SNES controller, and now they have extended their lineup to include a mod kit for the iconic Nintendo 64 controller.

These mod kits are ingeniously designed, allowing users to effortlessly upgrade their original controllers. The process involves disassembling the controller, removing the existing PCB, and replacing it with the new PCB included in the mod kit. The best part is that no soldering skills are required, making it accessible to gamers of all skill levels. What benefits does this upgrade bring? Well, it grants wireless functionality through Bluetooth connectivity, coupled with a rechargeable battery. This means that you can now enjoy your upgraded controller not only on the original console but also on platforms like the Nintendo Switch and Android devices, opening up a world of gaming possibilities.

What’s truly remarkable is the affordability of these mod kits. The most expensive package for the Nintendo 64 controller, priced at just $40 plus shipping, offers exceptional value for money. To put it into perspective, it’s even cheaper than Nintendo’s official wireless N64 controller for the Nintendo Switch, which typically retails for around $60. This comprehensive package includes the Mod Kit itself, a Hall Effect Joystick for enhanced precision, and a Rumble Pack featuring a built-in rechargeable battery pack and a convenient USB-C port for easy charging of both the pack and the controller.

Although the unfortunate news is that the mod kit is currently sold out, I remain optimistic, eagerly awaiting the restocking of this highly sought-after item. If you’re interested in connecting the upgraded controller to your N64 console, you’ll need an adapter like the one offered by RetroTime. As for the inclusion of the Hall Effect Joystick in the mod kit, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. While I may not be certain about my own desire for it, I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Are you considering upgrading your controllers? With the incredible features and affordability of these mod kits, it’s certainly a tempting proposition for any retro gaming enthusiast.

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