The “Devil” Of Lake Labynkyr Discovered

The “Devil” Of Lake Labynkyr Discovered

For a number of years, numerous claims of a “Siberian Loch Ness Monster” in one of the world’s most remote lakes comes up and with each claims, comes startling evidences. This undying legend may now be explained by the first divers to ever reach its floor. It was reported that the Russian Geographical Society have finally found the unknown remains of a large creature in Lake Labynkyr.

The dive was launched at the request of Yakutia State University for filming the bottom of the lake and gather samples of water, flora and fauna. It’s the first dive to the bottom of this lake. It is alleged the home to Russia’s version of a Loch Ness Monster.  The lake never freezes, even in the extremely cold Siberian winters. Locals speculated that an underground hot spring may prevent freezing.

The top Russian Diver, Dmitry Shiller, became the leader of the Russian Georgraphical Society Underwater Research Team who had reached the bottom and returned without any sign of the legendary monster.

“Dmitry Shiller did not meet the monster – but managed to film the bottom of the lake and take samples of the lake’s flora, There have been all sorts of hypotheses about what kind of creature it could be; a giant pike, a reptile or an amphibian. We didn’t manage to prove or disprove these versions… [but] we managed to find remains of jaws and a skeleton of some [extraordinary] animal.”

The research team were exploring the lake bottom gathering samples of water, plants, and animal life when an underwater scanner were all present when the bones were finally discovered. Lyudmila Emelyanova, a Moscow State University Associate Professor of Biogeography worked with echo sounding devices during her expedition to Labynkyr Lake in Yakutia. The only frustration about this discovery is that the Russian team weren’t able to bring the skeleton or jaw bones to the surface. The bones are still supposedly laying on the floor of the lake. Most people expressed that until someone goes to the bottom of Lake Labynkyr and returns with the mysterious bones, the mystery will be solved finally.

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