9 Creepiest UNSOLVED MYSTERY Cases

In the early morning hours of August 23, 1987 in Bryant, Arkansas, 17-year-old Kevin Ives and 16-year-old Don Henry were struck by a freight train and killed. Witnesses from the train stated that the boys remained motionless as the train approached, and police quickly ruled it an accident.

The parents of both boys pushed for the police to investigate further, and eventually a grand-jury re-opened the case. A second autopsy showed Don had been stabbed and Kevin had been knocked unconscious prior to the train accident. Authorities never determined what happened to the boys that night, but their parent’s believe they witnessed a drug deal between high-powered officials and were killed by police.

Tara Calico was last seen riding her bike on her usual route in the morning of September 20, 1988. The 19-year-old (and her bike) vanished, and eyewitness accounts reported that a suspicious vehicle had been following her. Then, in June 1989, a terrifying Polaroid pictured of two young people surfaced outside a convenience store.

The image showed two young people—a female and a male—presumably in the back of a van, tied up with tape across their mouths.Calico’s mother strongly believed the girl in the photo was her daughter; however, FBI examination was inconclusive. Two more Polaroid photographs surfaced over the years, but authorities are unsure if the images are of the missing woman.

In 2009, Sheriff of Valencia County, Rene Rivera, claimed to have information on a group of boys who accidentally hit Calico’s bike with their car, panicked, killed her and disposed of her body. Rivera stated he couldn’t arrest the boys involved because he didn’t have a body.Calico still hasn’t been found. Her case was re-opened in 2013.

Twelve individuals were beheaded and dismembered by an unidentified serial killer in 1930s Cleveland. The killer, dubbed the “Cleveland Torso Murderer,” would often cut his victims in half and keep the bodies for long periods of time before disposing them. Several victims were unidentifiable because their heads often were not found.The Butcher was never identified beyond a reasonable doubt; however, there were two possible suspects at the time. Many believe that the Cleveland Torso Murderer is also responsible for the infamous Black Dahlia murder in Los Angeles because the crimes were so similar.

This case will make you think twice before pulling over at a highway rest stop. In June, 1991, married couple Gord and Jackie McAllister decided to take a break from their road trip and spend the night at a rest stop in Blind River, Ontario. Just before 1am a man knocked on the door to their RV claiming that he was a police officer. When the couple opened the door they were met with two guns and subsequently robbed and shot. Jackie died from her wounds, but her husband survived by jumping from the RV and hiding underneath it.

As the unknown killer fled the scene, he shot and killed 29-year-old Brian Major as he pulled into the rest area.Gord McAllister described his killer as tall, skinny man with long, stringy blonde hair. Although a killer has never been officially charged for the crimes, authorities believed the suspect to be Ronald Glenn West, a retired Blind River police officer in prison for murdering two others in the 1970s.

When Beverly McGowan placed an ad for a new roommate, she unwittingly opened herself up to the hands of a career criminal. She disappeared from her home on July 19, 1990, and her dismembered body was soon found in a Florida canal.

Her head, hands, and a stomach tattoo were removed with a chainsaw to prevent the body from being identified; however, the killer missed a small ankle tattoo, which allowed McGowan to be identified.McGowan’s personal information—like passports and credit cards—were all missing, and police soon focused on her mysterious British roommate, Alice.

Shortly after meeting McGowan and persuading her to provide her with personal information, Alice murdered her and fled to England. Her true identity was revealed to be Elaine Antoinette Parent, a con artist, who escaped authorities for over 12 years. She shot herself in the chest while in custody in 2002, and died before she could be tried for McGowan’s murder.

Imagine hearing something happen on the other end of your phone call, and being totally hopeless in the situation.. On April 4, 1991, pregnant Angela Hammond stopped to use a payphone at a convenience store parking lot.

She was on the phone with her fiancé, Rob Shafer, when a strange man in a pickup truck began circling the lot. She told her boyfriend that the man had made his way next to the payphone with a flashlight, as though he were looking for something.

Then, Shafer heard his girlfriend’s screams through the phone before the line went dead.Shafer rushed to the convenience store and as a truck drove past him he heard Andrea screaming his name. He followed the vehicle, but his transmission failed and his car stopped working. Andrea and the man in the pickup truck have never been found, and no one has been charged in her disappearance.

New Hampshire is most famously known for its gorgeous foliage in the fall, but it also holds a dark past. During the 1980s at least seven women were murdered along the Connecticut River Valley, which borders New Hampshire and Vermont. Jane Boroski almost became a part of the tragic history when she encountered a man with a knife in a marketplace on August 6, 1988.

Boroski, who was pregnant at the time of the attack, was stabbed 27 times; however, she managed to drive her car to a friend’s house for help. All of the other victims died from multiple stab wounds and were discarded on Route 91 in Vermont and New Hampshire.Boroski provided authorities with a description of her attacker, Michael Nicholaou. Nicholaou lived in the area and murdered his wife and step-daughter. He is also believed to have murdered his first wife.

He killed himself in 2005 and was never charged for the murders along the Connecticut River Valley. The case remains open and unsolved.

Accidents are scary enough as it is, but what happened to Patricia Meehan after a head-on collision is downright terrifying. It was late April 20, 1989 when Meehan’s car hit another vehicle on a stretch of highway in Montana.

The other driver explained to police that Meehan crawled out of her vehicle, stared over at her, and then climbed a fence to proceed into the woods. She has never been seen again.Over the years there have been reported sightings of Meehan in places like Washington, and all over the United States. Her family believes she suffered from psychological issues, or that she had amnesia from the accident, and has been hitchhiking across the country.

Eighteen-year-old Sherry Eyerly’s Domino’s Pizza delivery job was normally an uneventful gig, until the night of July 4, 1982. Eyerly ventured to a remote area in Salem, Oregon to deliver three large pizzas, and she was never seen alive again.At the scene, police found Eyerly’s Ford Pinto parked with the motor on and the door ajar.

The boxes of pizza were on the ground and a footprint was visible across the top of the boxes. Her hat lay just a few feet away, but Eyerly was nowhere to be found. Upon further investigation police determined the address given with the pizza order was fake, and the unknown caller had given an alias.

A day after her disappearance the police received a ransom call from an unknown person claiming they would safely return Eyerly if they received their money; however, the caller never made contact again. The case remained unsolved until 2007, when serial killer William Scott Smith confessed to the young girl’s murder. According to Smith, he and an accomplice had planned to kidnap another Domino’s employee for ransom, but Eyerly responded to their call instead. Eyerly was strangled and tossed into a river in the area.

Her body has never been recovered.

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