9-Meter-Long Ship Looks Like a Zip Fastener

The ship was created by Japanese artist Yasuhiro Suzuki, he is well known for drawing inspiration from everyday objects. The designer got the idea for the unusual ship design while he was flying above Tokyo Bay on an airplane. While looking down from the airplane window, he saw ships trailing across the water, which gave him an idea that they look like they’re opening the water apart—just like zippers split jackets apart. And now he made his vision into reality by creating a 9-meter-long zip-fastener ship.

Ship Looks Like a Zip Fastener

The ship is made up of a chrome-colored body, bridge, and puller—just like a normal zipper. exciting enough, the Sumida River where the zip fastener trailed about was the border between the provinces of Musashi and Shimousa. This large zip-fastener excellently conveys the history and is nostalgic of the historical divide.

“Due to the recent corona storm, the Sumida river has been visited by unprecedented silence on the surface of the water. Suzuki says that it was not until this situation that he noticed the ‘now’ that appeared on the surface of the river,” reads the page for the event of the zip-fastener ship journey. “If you look at the gently flowing Sumida river, you can see the swaying water that changes its shape due to the splash of waves that the ship has set up on the sparkling water surface that reflects the sky. As the fastener ship sails, we will bring out and convey the various expressions of water that lurks around us.”

Ship Looks Like a Zip Fastener

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