A 1939 Space Suit Design is Brought To Life By The British National Space Centre

1939 Space Suit Design

Back in 1949, a spacesuit design was made by British Interplanetary Society members Harry Ross and Ralph Smith, who had also drawn an illustration of the suit. The suit design was found by Tom Scott while studying the National Space Centre.

It’s explained that “Decades before NASA’s Apollo program, the British Interplanetary Society wanted to go to the moon: in a spacesuit that looked like a suit of armor.”

When the illustration was seen in recent times, it was named as a “mountain climber in a suit of medieval armor”. The suit in the illustration has now been made in real life thanks to Dan Kendall of the Space Centre, who recruited historical designer Stephen Wisdom to make Ross and Smith’s design to life.

Kendall and Wisdom made this suit only using materials that were available in 1949 when the suit was originally designed.

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