A Dunkin’ Donuts Worker Paid for a Customer’s Drink in the Drive-Thru

Dunkin’ Donuts

Getting a free drink or some free food is always a big win…and it’s really great when someone hooks you up because you’re a nice person.

And that’s exactly what happened to a guy named Jack who shared a video of what happened to him at Dunkin’ Donuts.

@jacklrogan I was on a rotation two hours away and was just getting a coffee for the drive home after a long day 😭 seriously the biggest thank you to this woman #fyp #foryou #randomactsofkindness #dunkindonuts #coffee #gay #lgbt #vlog #snapchat ♬ original sound – jack

One viewer commented,

“People are so awful to fast food workers these days. I’m sure people like you are so refreshing for them.”

And this person said,

“Being nice goes such a long way! This is so sweet, keep being you.”

Another TikTokker said,

“As a Starbucks barista I give free drinks to anyone who is nice to me.”

And one viewer added,

“I was a barista and there was truly nothing better than a nice customer. It pays to be nice.”

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