A Father Must Save His Girl From The World of The Dead in Trailer For THE CLOSET


Dark Sky Films unveiled a new trailer for the upcoming Korean supernatural horror movie The Closet. In the story, a young girl is attracted to enter a closet that works as a doorway to the kingdom of the dead. After she goes lost, her father frantically tries to get her back with the guidance of an exorcist.

Here is the synopsis:

Following the death of his wife and disappearance of his daughter, a successful architect (Jung-woo Ha) enlists the assistance of an exorcist to help him find his daughter.

The movie looks to be inspired by movies such as Poltergeist, House, and Insidious.

The film opened in Korea and Taiwan at the start of this year. Dark Sky Films will release The Closet direct-to-VOD in the US this fall.

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