A Football Lover’s Guide to Draft Kits


If you’re a big fan of football, it stands to reason that you may be interested in playing fantasy football. Your knowledge of teams and stats will likely give you a leg up on fantasy players who aren’t avid watchers of the real game. Still, fantasy and real football are very different beasts, and you’ll likely want to look at some guides, especially if this is your first fantasy year.

People come to fantasy football for different reasons. Some are simply hobbyists looking to have some fun with friends, while others may be looking for more serious and competitive leagues. There are even high stakes money leagues that can play all year for big prizes. Just like real sports, being a fantasy fan can be a great and exciting time. It can also be incredibly stressful, especially if there’s money on the line. The following guide will provide some important draft tips.

Plan multiple first picks

Even if you are low down in your draft pick order, you need to have ideas for your first draft pick and a purpose behind each of them. Since there are so few elite RBs in fantasy football, many players recommend focusing on one of these, especially if you have an early draft pick. This year, C.J. Anderson seems to be a top pick with many fantasy players, as well as Ezekiel Elliot and Christian McCaffrey.

If a top RB isn’t available, then picking the best WR available when it comes to your turn is likely your best option. There is even a no-RB approach to drafting because some players believe RBs are so injury-prone they can’t be trusted as early picks. It’s up to you if you want to stack your team entirely on WRs— just don’t waste your first pick on a QB or TE. Most players draft at least one backup for their lead RB and WR before they move on to other positions.

Only draft elite QBs early

The importance of a QB in a real football team is obvious, and they are a critical role in fantasy football, as well. Your QB will consistently be one of your highest scoring players, but the truth is that, in fantasy, nearly every QB is a high-scoring player. This is why many players wait until about halfway through the draft, or even later, before drafting their QB.

The exception to this is if you want to draft an elite (top 3) QB. If this is your goal, then it’s best to try drafting one in round four or five, depending on how the draft is going. As for elite QB options, Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs is a very promising young player with even more room to grow. It’s also hard to go wrong with a proven legend like Tom Brady, especially after he had the best comeback in Super Bowl history during the 2017 game and had the best single-player performance of the 2018 game.

Save DEF and K for last

While it might seem enticing to draft an elite defense earlier in the draft to ensure consistently high scores, it’s much more important to claim dependable backup players for your main positions or to even put your faith in some promising sleepers. Your defense can be switched out week to week based on the matchups, and kickers aren’t generally high-scoring players. You can also safely bet that other players in the draft will be saving these two positions for last, so don’t expect any big wrenches in the works.

Be sure to do tons of research on past seasons to fully understand each player’s strengths and weaknesses. Also, read up on reviews, analyses, and predictions for this year’s season. The internet and your device will be your best friends from this moment onward, so be sure to have a few reputable sources you trust and are confident that they will help you succeed. You should also be sure that your computer is in its top-performing condition, to avoid any crashes mid-season. If you find your system is lagging, use Google to search for computer repair near me. You might be able to get your computer back in excellent working shape within a day.

There are many draft kits online that provide a much more detailed analysis of players and draft strategies you might pursue once you’re comfortable with the general idea of a fantasy draft. You might consider participating in some mock fantasy drafts to get a feel for the pace and check out this Ultimate Draft Kit Review for more information.

This season is your season. With proper research, a well-picked draft, and a bit of luck, you’ll be well on your way to scoring the championship. 




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