A Giant Gingerbread Alien Xenomorph

Gingerbread Alien Xenomorph

Norwegian cake designer Caroline Eriksson is known for her impressive cake creations, but her latest masterpiece is out of this world. Eriksson has created a giant Alien Xenomorph gingerbread sculpture that is truly impressive in both size and detail.

To make this unique creation, Eriksson used homemade gingerbread that was toughened up for durability. She then formed the gingerbread around an iron frame while it was still warm, allowing it to take on the shape of the Alien Xenomorph. To ensure that the sculpture held together, she used melted sugar to glue the gingerbread pieces in place.

Creating a sculpture of this size and complexity was no easy feat, but Eriksson’s attention to detail and skillful technique made it possible. She carefully sculpted each section of the Alien Xenomorph, from its distinctive head to its spiky tail, to give it a lifelike appearance.

Eriksson’s love of gingerbread and her passion for cake decorating inspired her to create this unique sculpture. She hopes that her creation will inspire others to experiment with different types of edible art and push the boundaries of what can be achieved with simple ingredients.

In summary, Caroline Eriksson’s giant Alien Xenomorph gingerbread sculpture is a testament to her creativity, skill, and love of cake decorating. By using simple ingredients and a lot of patience, she was able to create a truly impressive and unique piece of edible art.

It’s an iron structure inside with sculptured gingerbread on top: …I made an inner skeleton with correct proportions, and then drew pieces/ designs to fit on top of it …I’ve altered the usual recipe a bit to make it stronger – so I wouldn’t recommend for eating, but I’m using twice the amount of syrup, and no baking powder. It makes the gingerbread harder and gives it a smoother surface! …There’s a whole lot of melted sugar to keep it together!

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