A Gorgeous Secret Space Within the Forest of Kyoto, Japan

Forest of Kyoto, Japan

A lot of people move to the countryside of Kyoto, the areas around the city are attracting travelers and tourists alike. It’s easy to see why, it is gorgeous. The area previously known as Keihoku is encircled by mountains, dense nature, and history. The region has an inland climate with heavy precipitation, nippy summers, and freezing winters. In ancient times, local villagers and lumberjacks delivered timber to Kyoto through the Katsura River.

Also lodged within this lovely land is the Kamo Shrine, one of the oldest Shinto shrines in Japan. It’s not only selected as one of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto but also has been acknowledged by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. This storied sanctuary is said to protect the city of Kyoto from negative influences.

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